Final Destination To Get A Reboot

In light of news of a potential Final Destination reboot, I decided to watch the series over.
Stan only had Final Destination 3 and The Final Destination, and Netflix had Final Destination 5, so of course I went with the third entry – you know, the one with the epic roller coaster derailment? 

Side note, can we all agree that The Final Destination never happened? Just awful, but then again, no where near as bad as Blair Witch: Book of Shadows. What an absolute cluster-fuck.

Now let’s talk about that opening roller coaster derailment sequence, not quite as show stopping as the pile up sequence from Final Destination 2, but terrifying none the less. I can’t ride a roller coaster now without thinking ‘great, some bald fucker is gonna kill us all.’ Ever see someone with a Go-Pro as your going up the first incline and just think ‘fuck, we are all going to die?’ Thanks for that Final Destination.

That is what is great about the Final Destination series though, there is no super villain or bad guy murdering people – even though those films work when done well i.e Halloween, Urban Legend, Scream; the list goes on. The premise for Final Destination is simple enough – nature course correcting after disrupting death’s plan.

What’s still so fascinating to me, is that the idea for Final Destination was originally a concept for an episode of The X Files titled ‘Flight 180’. That idea would eventually turn into what would become one of the highest grossing horror franchises of all time.

I still would of loved to have seen an X Files version though. I can just picture the look on Scully’s face as someone tearfully tries to explain to her that they had a ‘vision that ever body was going to die’. 

“It’s a coincidence, Mulder. The brain conjuring up the worst case scenario and interpreting it as some sort of vision brought on by survivors guilt”

“Every single person that got off that plane has died in unusual circumstances, how can you believe that’s just a coincidence?”

“People believe what they want to believe.”

I’m telling you right now, it would of been a great episode Most likely better than all of season nine to be totally honest.

It will be interesting to see where they take the reboot of the franchise, given how the fifth entry tied everything up so nicely, bringing the story full circle back to Flight 180.

Let us all hope they don’t ruin it like Jigsaw, the reboot of Saw.

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