Disney+ Titles coming soon Jan 27 to Feb 29

Disney has released a full list of titles coming soon to Disney+ platform between January 27 and February 29. Some of the bigger anticipated titles include The Lion King (2019), Toy Story 4 and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Check out the full list below!

Available January 28

The Lion King (2019)

Available January 31

Diary of a Future President (Episode 103 – “Disaster Relief”)

Disney Family Sundays (Episode 113 – “Tangled: Paper Lanterns”)

Lamp Life (Premiere)

Marvel’s Hero Project (Episode 113 – “Soaring Seamus”)

One Day At Disney (Episode 109 – “Rob Richards: El Capitan Organist”)

Available February 1

Around the World in 80 Days

Big Business

The Sandlot (Returning Title)

Wicked Tuna (Season 1-2)

Available February 2

Descendants 3

Available February 5

Toy Story 4

Available February 7

Diary of a Future President (Episode 104 – “The National Mall”)

Disney Family Sundays (Episode 114 – “Toy Story: Toy Bins”)

Marvel’s Hero Project (Episode 114 – “Dynamic Danielle”)

One Day At Disney (Episode 110 – “Grace Lee: Storybook Artist”)

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made (Premiere)

Available February 9

Old Dogs

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Available February 14

My Dog, The Thief


Because of Winn-Dixie

Diary of a Future President (Episode 105 – “Whistleblower”)

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (Premiere – Episode 201 – “Marching Down the Aisle”)

Disney Family Sundays (Episode 115 – “Princess and the Frog: Lily Pads”)

Marvel’s Hero Project (Episode 115 – “Roving Robbie”)

One Day At Disney (Episode 111 – “Kristina Dewberry: Imagineering Construction Manager”)

Available February 16

Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Available February 20

Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri

Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire

Available February 21

Unlikely Animal Friends (Season 1-2)

Diary of a Future President (Episode 106- “Habeas Corpus”)

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (Episode 202 – “Alaska to Marry Me”)

Disney Family Sundays (Episode 116 – “Aristocrats: Headbands”)

Marvel’s Hero Project (Episode 116 – “Genesis the Amazing Animal Ally”)

One Day At Disney (Episode 112 – “Vince Caro: Pixar Recording Engineer”)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Premiere – Episode 701 – “The Bad Batch”)

Available February 25

Star Wars Resistance (Season 2)

Available February 28

I Captured the King of Leprechauns

Imagination Moves (Season 1-3)

Marvel’s Future Avengers (Season 1)

Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

Diary of a Future President (Episode 107 – “Foreign Relations”)

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (Episode 203 – “A Flashy Proposal”)

Disney Family Sundays (Episode 117 – “Lion King: Paint Pour Artwork”)

Marvel’s Hero Project (Episode 117 – “Superior Salvador”)

One Day At Disney (Episode 113 – “Lupe de Santiago: Seamstress”)

Shop Class (Series Premiere – Episode 101 – “Hole-In-Won”)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Episode 702 – “A Distant Echo”)

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